The lifeblood of high quality care is instant access to information.

Coherence delivers essential health data and analytics.

Enabling you to make better decisions.

Harnessing the power of health data and technology.

Providing evidence based decision making.

Delivering improved performance and patient care.

“Information is a health and care service in its own right: it must be freely available to all who need it”

Andrew Lansley

Liberating the NHS. The Information Revolution.


The NHS faces unprecedented challenges today with an ageing population, colossal pressure on finances, growing expectations about our right to be healthy, fragmented services, advances in medical science, demands to improve performance and efficiencies, organisational change and so on. In order to respond to these ...

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The solution to today’s challenges is to provide instant access to the information needed by NHS decision makers. This could a high level summary of regional performance data right down to a full patient history pulled in from multiple systems and multiple sites. This sort of solution is not a dream – this is ...

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Access to accurate and comprehensive information can deliver wide-ranging benefits at all levels ...

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